About Laser Hair Removal in the UK

Most of us would like to get rid of unwanted hair on ou faces or bodies. Until recently there are been relatively few options available beyond shaving, electrolysis and and waxing. This is now changing with the widespread availability of laser hair removal. Most people are still not clear about what is involved, what the benefits could be, and what to expect, so we created this website.

Introducing all you would like to know about laser hair removal in the UK. We have collected together all of the latest information about which lasers are the best, what involved in getting treated, who is best suited to treatment, and what results can be achieved and which UK clinics and salons offer treatments.

We'll be adding to this website all of the time, bringing you new hair removal technologies, treatment advances and patient feedback as we find out how people the UK got on with their treatment programmes.

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    What lasers are good at laser hair removal?

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    What a laser hair removal treatment involves

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    Who is best suited to laser hair removal?

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    What results can you expect with laser hair removal?

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    Which clinics do laser hair removal treatments?

northwood clinic

The north wood clinic carries out laser hair removal treatments using lasers and IPL at their London clinic.

laser hair removal london

Laser Hair Removal News


Trinny let the side down when she wen au naturel - Daily Mail 17 July 2006

'I have had my legs and underarms waxed every four weeks for the past 20 years (in between waxes, I will sit rapt for hours, plucking individual offending hairs), and have now discovered the joys of the laser.

I am undergoing laser treatment on my face, underarms and toes, at the cost of £300 for underarms, £600 for my face and £150 for my toes.'

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New Pulsar IPL at North Wood Clinic

The North Wood Clinic is offers laser hair removal in London. To supplement their range of lasers, they have taken delivery of the latest Pulsar IPL the Pulsar Silk .

The Silk is the culmination of over 20 years of research within the Laser and IPL industry and boasts several advanced and unique features.

The new features include the choice of a simple user friendly membrane panel or our new revised touch screen user interface embedded in a Windows CE platform, dual applicator interface and of course the Worlds largest applicator at 22cm2.

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1 in 10 Patients are Men

Laser hair removal is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures, with the promise of putting an end to waxing, shaving and electrolysis being very tempting. What is perhaps more surprising is 1 in 10 patients is male.

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Channel 4's Advice on Laser Hair Removal

Advice from this channel 4 microsite.

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